Special Report 105

Author(s) Date 2017-09-27

This Special Report contains two reports from O. Hungr Geotechnical Research Inc. provided to the Alberta Geological Survey in April and November 2008. These reports provide a description of the runout analyses (the possible area and distance the rock debris would cover if a landslide occurred) for potential landslides on the South and Third peaks of Turtle Mountain, located in the Crowsnest Pass in southwest Alberta.

Turtle Mountain is the location of the April 29, 1903, Frank Slide. Since 2005 the Alberta Geological Survey has been managing the Turtle Mountain Monitoring Program.

NTS Keywords

Hungr, O. (2017): Runout analyses of potential landslides of South and Third Peaks; Turtle Mountain, Alberta; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Special Report 105, 68 p.