Bulletin 010

Bulletin 010

BUL 010

Mississippian Foraminifera of the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Author(s) McKay, W. Green, R. Date 1963-01-01

Four main foraminiferal range zones, two concurrent-range zones and one assemblage zone are recognized in Mississippian strata of the Canadian Rocky Mountains; they are, the Endothyra tumula, Endothyra lanceolata, Endothyra zelleri [Endothyra symmetrical] and Endothyra kleina Range Zones, The Endothyra tumula - Endothyra spinosa, and Endothyra zelleri-Endothyra? banffensis Concurrent-range Zones and the Endothyra spirorides Assemblage Zone. Faunas of these zones range in age from late Kinderhookian to early Chesterian.

Twelve new endothyroid species are described, of which seven are amed. Another species, Endothyra symmetrica E. J. Zeller (preoccupied), is renamed E. zelleri. A new genus, Granuliferelloides, is erected with the genoholotype, G. jasperensis The endothyrids are associated with species of Spiroplectammina, Ammodiscus, Tournayella?, Glomospirella, Archaediscus, Palaeotextularia and Permodiscus.

Section of Mississippian strata were measured and sampled from the Font Ranges at Banff and Jasper and the Foothills at Moose Mountain. Foraminifera are present in parts of the Irvingstone, Mount Head and Etherington Formations at Banff; the Banff, Pekisko and Shunda Formation at Jasper; and the Pekisko and Turner Valley Formations at Moose Mountain.

Foraminifera are found associated with crinoids, corals, brachiopods, bryozoans, molluscs, gastropods, ostracodes and algae, in rocks that reflect shallow water deposition.

McKay, W. and Green, R. (1963): Mississippian Foraminifera of the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Bulletin 10, 83 p.