Bulletin 013

Bulletin 013

BUL 013

Groundwater Geology and Hydrology of East-Central Alberta

Author(s) LeBreton, E.G. Date 1963-01-01

This report summarizes existing data on east-central Alberta concerning public, industrial and private water wells and correlates these data with pertinent information supplied by oil companies and with the results of local, detailed and reconnaissance groundwater surveys from the summers of 1957 to 1961, inclusive. The available data have been evaluated to outline areas of large, moderate and small groundwater supply. The report also delineates those parts of east-central Alberta where further detailed studies are necessary to better understand the groundwater resources, particularly for the development of moderate supplies of water for municipal and light-industrial use.

To understand the geology of east-central Alberta, we referenced geological reports and maps and lithological and electric logs. Air photos supplemented the field studies.

LeBreton, E.G. (1963): Groundwater geology and hydrology of east-central Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Bulletin 13, 73 p.