Digital Data 2004-0051

Digital Data 2004-0051

DIG 2004-0051

Bedrock Topography of Alberta, 1:2,000,000 scale (GIS data, line features)

Author(s) Pawlowicz, J.G. Fenton, M.M. Date 2012-01-04

This dataset is a GIS version of Map 226, which is a regional synthesis of published and unpublished maps. The data represent 100 m elevation contours of the bedrock subcrop for Alberta.

The southern part of Alberta, from 49 to 56 degrees north, was primarily compiled from existing 1:250,000 bedrock topography maps. The interpretation of the remaining northern portion of Alberta was based mostly on limited borehole data and information from existing 1:250,000 hydrogeological maps.