Digital Data 2014-0015

Digital Data 2014-0015

DIG 2014-0015

Digital polylines to accompany Hydrogeological Field Notes by Dr. József Tóth 1964-1969, Central and Southern Alberta (GIS data, polygon features)

Author(s) Toth, J. Date 2014-08-21

These data polygons are sites which were visited by Dr. József Tóth during his 1964 to 1969 fieldwork. Dr. Tóth is a distinguished hydrogeologist who developed and published his landmark "Unit Basin" theory of steady state flow leading to the fundamental concept in hydrogeology known as "Tothian flow system theory". His contributions to hydrogeology turned the Research Council of Alberta, and subsequently the University of Alberta, into internationally renowned institutions for hydrogeological research. The sites in this data set show the locations of wetlands referenced in Alberta Geological Survey report INF 143 and they are numbered accordingly. The data are in ESRI shapefile format.

Stewart, S.A. comp. (2014): Digital polylines to accompany hydrogeological field notes by Dr. József Tóth: 1964-1969, central and southern Alberta (GIS data, polygon features); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Digital Dataset 2014-0015.