Digital Data 2015-0001

Digital Data 2015-0001

DIG 2015-0001

Compilation of Airborne-Electromagnetic and -Magnetic Geophysical Data in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, Alberta. 2007-2010 (digital data, various formats)

In 2007 the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS), in partnership with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD), initiated a multi-year project to characterize nonsaline aquifers within the province of Alberta. The Edmonton-–Calgary Corridor (ECC) was selected as the first study area, as it was the region with the most industrial and urban development in the province.

Between November 2007 and February 2010, airborne-electromagnetic and airborne-magnetic surveys were completed by Fugro Airborne Surveys over 11 study blocks in the ECC. The airborne-geophysical surveys were undertaken using one of, or a combination of, the following survey techniques: fixed-wing aircraft with GEOTEM or TEMPEST time-domain instrumentation, and helicopter-borne, RESOLVE frequency-domain instrumentation.

This data release is a compilation of the raw data, processed data and interpreted results from Fugro Airborne Surveys and Larch Consulting Ltd. It includes ASCII grids, Geosoft grids, Geosoft databases and maps, profiles in PNG format, SEG-Y files, reference waveforms, PDF maps and reports, resistivity section images in JPG format and digital flight line video. The data set also includes a summary review of the project by Fugro Airborne Surveys in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

The data show the magnetic and conductive properties of the ECC survey area to a depth of 200 m in both bedrock and unconsolidated surficial strata.

The data release is 320 GB and is available by contacting the AGS Information Manager.