Digital Data 2016-0031

Digital Data 2016-0031

DIG 2016-0031

Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor Hydrostratigraphic Model - Top of the Foremost Hydrostratigraphic Unit, Southwestern Alberta (gridded data, ASCII format)

Author(s) MacCormack, K.E. Date 2017-03-29

This dataset is part of the 3D hydrostratigraphic model of the Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor (CLC), southwestern Alberta. It represents the structure top of the Foremost hydrostratigraphic unit (HSU) in the CLC. Bedrock units included in the CLC model are derived from the Geological Framework of Alberta, a regional geological model of the province. The top of the Foremost HSU, provided by the Geological Framework of Alberta, was clipped to the CLC model domain for integration into a multi-layer hydrostratigraphic model.

Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) Report 91 includes a full description of the process used to produce this structure grid.

MacCormack, K.E. (2017): Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor hydrostratigraphic model - top of the Foremost hydrostratigraphic unit, Southwestern Alberta (gridded data, ASCII format); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Digital Data 2016-0031.