Digital Data 2017-0001

Digital Data 2017-0001

DIG 2017-0001

Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor Geophysical Survey: Compilation of Airborne AeroTEM System Electromagnetic and Magnetic Survey Data (digital data, various formats)

Author(s) Fildes, B.J., comp. Date 2018-09-17

This is a digital data release of airborne time domain electromagnetic (AeroTEM) data from a survey performed by Aeroquest Airborne in an area east and south of Calgary and north of Lethbridge, Alberta from February 8 to March 13, 2011. The total survey coverage was 18,645 square kilometres, consisting of 28,229 line-km in a single block flown in a 163/343 degree direction using a flight line spacing of 750 m and tie-lines at 7500 m spacing.

The AeroTEM study digital deliverables include the following data:
- full waveform streaming raw data from the Mike and November helicopter-borne AeroTEM III systems
- a final database of geophysical profile data in Geosoft database format (.GDB),
- a Google Earth .kmz file containing resistivity depth slices and flight navigation lines,
- Geosoft Grid files (.GRD) of the resistivity depth slices, used to generate the geophysical map images,
- maps of the resistivity depth slices and flight lines in Geosoft (.MAP) and Adobe (.PDF) formats,
- sample EM reference waveforms for each flight in .xls format, and 
- a survey report in .pdf format.

In 2007 the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS), in partnership with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD), initiated a multi-year project to characterize nonsaline aquifers within the province of Alberta, the Provincial Groundwater Inventory Program. Aeroquest Airborne carried out a geophysical survey of the Calgary-Lethbridge corridor area in southern Alberta using two helicopter borne AeroTEM III systems (named Mike and November). The survey was funded by ESRD.

This data release is 271 GB and is available by contacting the AGS by e-mail:


Fildes, B.J., comp. (2018): Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor geophysical survey: compilation of airborne AeroTEM system electromagnetic and magnetic survey data (digital data, various formats); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Digital Dataset 2017-0001.