Digital Data 2017-0024

Digital Data 2017-0024

DIG 2017-0024

Groundwater Yield Matrix for Central Alberta (GIS data, polygon features)

Author(s) Klassen, J. Smerdon, B.D. Date 2018-02-14

This GIS dataset depicts the groundwater yield matrix for central Alberta (GIS data, polygon features).The yield matrix classifies groundwater yield along a spectrum that helps define total groundwater availability. The classes within the yield matrix from most conservative to maximum mining are: permissive sustained yield, maximum sustained yield, sustained yield, permissive mining yield, maximum mining yield.

Klassen, J. and Smerdon, B.D. (2018): Groundwater yield matrix for central Alberta (GIS data, polygon features); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Digital Data 2017-0024.