Earth Sciences Report 1955-02

Earth Sciences Report 1955-02

ESR 1955-02

Glacial Geology of an Area in East-Central Alberta

Author(s) Bayrock, L.A. Date 1955-01-01

The Coteau ice advance boundary was mapped in east-central Alberta. The terminal Coteau moraine was found to be located from 10 to 20 miles east of the terminal Coteau ice advance boundary.

Three tills were differentiated in the area: a basal Grey till, the Viking till, and the Coteau till. Mineralogical, mechanical and x-ray analyses performed on the Viking and Coteau tills indicated no major break in the composition of the two tills. The individual soil profiles of the two tills did not reveal any appreciable weathering of silicates in the upper soil horizons, and the depth of leaching of the carbonates appeared very similar and averaged 23 inches.

Based on the laboratory investigations of samples of the Viking and Coteau tills, the conclusion was reached that the time interval separating the two glaciations was quite short.

Bayrock, L.A. (1955): Glacial geology of an area in east-central Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1955-02, 47 p.