Earth Sciences Report 1956-01

Earth Sciences Report 1956-01

ESR 1956-01

Round-table Conference on Groundwater in Alberta

Author(s) Research Council of Alberta Date 1955-09-27

On Tuesday, September 27, 1955 the Research Council of Alberta sponsored a round-table conference on groundwater resources and development in the Province of Alberta, attended by twenty-seven professional and technical men from Alberta and British Columbia. This meeting, held in the Senate Chamber of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, was the first of its kind in Western Canada and served to point up the vital place which water supplies take in the economic health and welfare of a growing country.

The Research Council of Alberta is actively establishing a program for better scientific information in matters of groundwater geology and hydrology, dedicated to the people of Alberta.

Research Council of Alberta (1956): Round-table conference on groundwater in Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1956-01, 85 p.