Earth Sciences Report 1959-01

Earth Sciences Report 1959-01

ESR 1959-01

Coal Reserves for Strip-Mining, Wabamun Lake District Alberta

Author(s) Pearson, G.R. Date 1959-01-01

Strippable coal reserves in the Wabamun Lake district, Alberta are estimated from geological examination and drill-hole data at over 200 million tons. Detailed drill-hole logs are given; the holes were electrologged, and the value of this method in coal exploration is indicated. Study of subsurface water conditions suggest that serious flooding is likely in mining operations in the Gainford area, but that pumps could probably control water influx in the Seba Beach - Highvale area. Proximate coal analyses and brief petrographic descriptions of seams are given, indicating the coal to have a subbituminous B classification and to be bright and banded in nature.

Pearson, G.R. (1959): Coal reserves for strip-mining, Wabamun Lake district Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1959-01, 62 p.