Earth Sciences Report 1960-01

Earth Sciences Report 1960-01

ESR 1960-01

Evaluations of some Alberta Coal Deposits - Part 1. The Wizard Lake District - Part 2. The Westlock-Barrhead District - Part 3. The Sheep Creek-Wildhay River District

Author(s) Pearson, G.R. Date 1960-01-01

Results of examination made in 1959 of three Alberta coal bearing districts are described in this report. Parts 1 and 2 give details of coal test drilling carried out in the Wizard Lake and Westlock-Barrhead districts, this being a continuation of a Research Council program of estimating strippable coal reserves that could be used to fuel thermal power stations. Part 3 of this report gives results of a preliminary geological survey of the Foothills and Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains between Sheep Creek and Wildhay River, north of Jasper National Park. Extensive deposits of coking coals which occur in this district are currently being given considerable attention by private interests.

Pearson, G.R. (1960): Evaluations of some Alberta coal deposits - Part 1. The Wizard Lake district - Part 2. The Westlock-Barrhead district - Part 3. The Sheep Creek-Wildhay River district; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1960-01, 62 p.