Earth Sciences Report 1963-01

Earth Sciences Report 1963-01

ESR 1963-01

Aquifer-Testing Procedures and Other Information Used in Evaluating Groundwater Supplies in Alberta

Author(s) Jones, J.F. Date 1963-01-01

The following topics are discussed in this report: the general occurrence of groundwater in Alberta; types of aquifers; water-well-log data importance and groundwater quality. Included are appendices outlining aquifer-testing procedures, methods of taking water-level and flow measurements, groundwater information available from the Research Council of Alberta, some pertinent groundwater terminology and useful conversion tables.

It is hoped that this information will enable engineers, geologists, well contractors, and other people concerned with the development of groundwater supplies to carry out sound planning for the utilization of these valuable resources.

Jones, J.F. (1963): Aquifer-testing procedures and other information used in evaluating groundwater supplies in Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1963-01, 38 p.