Earth Sciences Report 1963-02

Earth Sciences Report 1963-02

ESR 1963-02

Surficial Geology of the Vauxhall district, Alberta

Author(s) Bayrock, L.A. Jones, J.F. Date 1963-01-01

The surficial deposits of the Vauxhall district consist predominantly of till, mainly in the form of ground moraine. Approximately one-third of the map-area is covered by glaciolacustrine materials, mostly consisting of thin loam and silty loam deposits. Sandy and gravelly alluvium is present in the Bow River valley, and aeolian sand is found in the southwest part of the area.

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Bayrock, L.A. and Jones, J.F. (1963): Surficial geology of the Vauxhall district, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1963-02, 6 p.