Earth Sciences Report 1966-01

Earth Sciences Report 1966-01

ESR 1966-01

Geology of the City of Edmonton Part 1: Central Edmonton

Author(s) Bayrock, L.A. Berg, T.E. Date 1966-01-01

The City of Edmonton is built upon surficial deposits of variable thickness underlain by Upper Cretaceous strata. The surficial deposits, of late Pleistocene age, consist of well-sorted preglacial sands and gravels, glacial till, and proglacial lake sediments, in ascending order. The surficial deposits generally thicken towards the northern part of the area due to the relief developed on the bedrock surface. Maximum relief on the upper surfaces of the map-units ranges from 120 feet on the bedrock surface to 32 feet on the till surface.

The area covered by this report is the central business section of Edmonton, bounded by 114th Street on the west, 114th Avenue on the north, 92nd Street on the east, and Jasper Avenue on the south.

Bayrock, L.A. and Berg, T.E. (1966): Geology of the City of Edmonton part 1: central Edmonton; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1966-01, 33 p.