Earth Sciences Report 1969-04

Earth Sciences Report 1969-04

ESR 1969-04

A Gravel and Sand Aquifer in the Bassano-Gem Region, Alberta

Author(s) Turner, W.R. Geiger, K.W. Carlson, V.A. Date 1969-01-01

Underlying the study area is a northeast trending preglacial river valley whose extensive northern flank is covered by sand and gravel. The floor of the valley is also gravel covered but the abbreviated southern bank is not. The gravel and sand appear to be extensive and continuous and, where saturated, to constitute a potential aquifer of some importance. Estimated safe yields for wells finished in this gravel and sand range from less than 10 to approximately 80 imperial gallons per minute on a 20-year basis; however, only limited testing has been carried out. The water appears to be chemically suitable judging from the few chemical analyses available.

Turner, W.R., Geiger, K.W. and Carlson, V.A. (1969): A gravel and sand aquifer in the Bassano-Gem region, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1969-04, 31 p.