Earth Sciences Report 1970-02

Earth Sciences Report 1970-02

ESR 1970-02

Index to Current Geologic Maps of Alberta

Author(s) Root, J.D. Date 1970-01-01

The Research Council of Alberta and the Geological Survey of Canada are the principal agencies involved in the systematic geological mapping of Alberta. This index brings together the currently available map coverage of the province published by these agencies and endeavours to provide easy reference to the coverage. The index does not include maps published prior to 1930 (except the G.S.C. bedrock geology maps of the Cadomin and Mountain Park areas), for in many cases these maps have been superseded by later, more accurate ones. Similarly, maps published after 1930 which have been superseded by more recent publications have been deleted, except where the map is out of print or published at a significantly different scale. Also, a number of maps showing special aspects of outcrop of subsurface bedrock geology, associated in most cases with petroleum exploration or mineral evaluation studies, have been omitted; information on these maps and related material is available from the Oil and Gas Conservation Board, Calgary, Alberta, the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists, and the indices of various journals.

Root, J.D. (1970): Index to current geologic maps of Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1970-02, 28 p.