Earth Sciences Report 1972-02

Earth Sciences Report 1972-02

ESR 1972-02

Hydrogeology of the Bison Lake Area, Alberta

Author(s) Tokarsky, O. Date 1972-01-01

The Bison Lake area is largely unsettled and access is poor. The few existing water wells are mainly hand-dug and shallow. Hydrogeological evaluation is based on existing well data, limited test drilling, field observations of groundwater features, and on inferences made from the geologic and topographic situation.

Much of the area is of low relief underlain by shales, clays and tills of low permeability. Movement of groundwater is consequently slow, well yields very low, and water quality very poor. The highest well yields and best quality water are to be expected in recent alluvial sands and gravels. High yields of poor quality water may be obtained from buried channel sands and gravels, and moderate yields of variable quality water from sandstones of the Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation.

Tokarsky, O. (1972): Hydrogeology of the Bison Lake area, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1972-02, 13 p.