Earth Sciences Report 1972-05

Earth Sciences Report 1972-05

ESR 1972-05

Trail Conditions Along a Portion of the Great Divide Trail Route, Alberta and British Columbia Rocky Mountains

Author(s) Root, J.D. Knapik, L.J. Date 1972-01-01

The proposed route of the Great Divide Trail in the Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta and British Columbia consists of a number of trails which have been built over the years to accommodate foot and horse traffic. The condition of parts of existing trails is poor mainly to trampling of wet areas and to subsequent erosion by running water. The degree of damage is a function of trail slope and orientation, soil type and groundwater conditions, all of which factors must be considered in proper planning of trail routes. Precautions should be taken in constructing trail to avoid wet areas, to prevent water from running down the trail, to avoid areas with unsuitable vegetative and soil cover, and to provide separate trails for foot and horse traffic.

Root, J.D. and Knapik, L.J. (1972): Trail conditions along a portion of the great divide trail route, Alberta and British Columbia Rocky Mountains; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1972-05, 49 p.