Earth Sciences Report 1972-10

Earth Sciences Report 1972-10

ESR 1972-10

Coal Occurrences Athabasca-Smith Area, Alberta

Author(s) Campbell, J.D. Date 1972-01-01

The Athabasca-Smith area, Alberta, which lies between longitudes 113� and 114� 15' west, and latitudes 54� 30' and 55� 15' north, is underlain by the Upper Cretaceous shaly, marine Lea Park Formation and by thin basal beds of the Upper cretaceous nonmarine, clastic, coal-bearing Belly River Formation. A central upland is covered by thick till and glacial outwash sediments and rimmed in part by glacially disturbed coal-bearing strata. Three regions underlain by coal deposits are outlined, but only one of these, the Lincoln deposit, about the northeast corner of Tp. 65, R. 14, W.4th Mer., is of any commercial significance. Here approximately 16 million tons of low rank coal in a 4-5 foot seam lie under less than 40 feet of easily removable overburden.

Campbell, J.D. (1972): Coal occurrences, Athabasca-Smith area, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1972-10, 37 p.