Earth Sciences Report 1972-11

Earth Sciences Report 1972-11

ESR 1972-11

Hydrogeology of the Tawatinaw Area, Alberta

Author(s) Borneuf, D.M. Date 1973-01-01

The drift is the water-bearing zone in most of the Tawatinaw area except for the southwest and the south-central part of the map area, where wells obtain water from the Wapiti Formation. The yields range from less than 1 igpm (imperial gallon per minute) to 50 igpm at a maximum. In the northeast the drift is very fine grained and clayey, and as the Lea Park shales underlie the area the yields will not be more than 5-10 igpm.

Water quality is usually good. The waters are calcium bicarbonate with low sulfates and chlorides. In the more settled southeastern corner of the map area nitrate contents become significant.

Borneuf, D.M. (1973): Hydrogeology of the Tawatinaw area, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1972-11, 18 p.