Earth Sciences Report 1972-12

Earth Sciences Report 1972-12

ESR 1972-12

A Legend and Guide for the Preparation and Use of the Alberta Hydrogeological Information and Reconnaissance Map Series

Author(s) Badry, A. Date 1972-01-01

The hydrogeological mapping project undertaken by the Groundwater Division, Research Council of Alberta, created the need for a composite legend and guide for reference and use with the two map series: information and reconnaissance at scales of 1:50 000 and 1 250,000, respectively. The division of the legend and guide into three chapters serves a useful purpose.

Chapter One places hydrogeological mapping in Alberta in perspective and introduces mapping principles and procedures applied in the Alberta Hydrogeological Information and Reconnaissance Map Series.

The legends, including descriptive notes, for the Alberta Hydrogeological Information Map Series (AHIMS), at a scale of 1:50000, and for the Alberta Hydrogeological Reconnaissance Map Series (AHRMS), at a scale of 1:250000, outlined in Chapters Two and Three respectively, are individually designed to be an entity. The information map series are, in actuality, a data storage file. On the other hand, the reconnaissance map series are interpretive and represent a regional picture of the existing groundwater conditions in the particular Alberta environment.

The legend is designed to serve a dual purpose: first, as a guide for plotting (in the case of the 1:50000 information maps) or construction (in the case of the 1:250000 reconnaissance maps); and second, as an explanatory reference for the map reader.

Badry, A. (1972): A legend and guide for the preparation and use of the Alberta hydrogeological information and reconnaissance map series; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1972-12, 93 p.