Earth Sciences Report 1974-08

Earth Sciences Report 1974-08

ESR 1974-08

Coal resources, Hussar Hanna area, Alberta

Author(s) Campbell, J.D. Date 1974-01-01

The coal resources of the Hussar-Hanna area, which lies between longitudes 111 & #176; 15'' and 113 degrees 30'' west and latitudes 50 degrees 45'' and 52 degrees north, were examined chiefly by means of shallow testholes spaced at 2-mile intervals. Strippable coal (within 100 feet of surface) appears to be restricted to three fields where it has long been known. The largest of these, Sheerness, contains about 100 million tons of economically recoverable coal. Two useful marker beds are recognized in the coal-bearing Edmonton Formation. Tertiary gravels and glacial deposits obscure the coal so that outcrops are largely restricted to the walls of postglacial valleys.

Campbell, J.D. (1974): Coal resources, Hussar-Hanna area, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1974-08, 62 p.