Earth Sciences Report 1976-06

Earth Sciences Report 1976-06

ESR 1976-06

Index to Uranium Assessment Reports for Quartz Mineral Exploration Permits, Northeastern Alberta

Author(s) Poruks, M. Hamilton, W.N. Date 1976-01-01

This index deals with reports by mineral exploration companies on results of uranium assessment work on Crown-granted mineral dispositions in northeastern Alberta. These reports cover a major portion of the land area occupied by Precambrian Shield, in NTS areas 74E, L, and M, where uranium exploration began, in earnest, in 1967 and has since undergone several cycles of activity.

The index is based on contributions by the Alberta Research Council to a national, computer-processable file, the Canadian Index to Geoscience Data. The body of this report is a reproduction of the computer printout of a selective retrieval from the CIGD file, prepared by the Canada Centre for Geoscience Data, Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa. Herein are catalogued those reports submitted to the Alberta government, and held on open file by the Alberta Research Council as of September 1976, representing assessment work done up to the end of 1971. Subsequent exploration activity has been on mineral dispositions that are currently active (outlined on the maps accompanying this index). As the information from this and future activity becomes available, it will be incorporated into future editions of this index.

Poruks, M. and Hamilton, W.N. (1976): Index to uranium assessment reports for quartz mineral exploration permits, northeastern Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1976-06, 86 p.