Earth Sciences Report 1979-01

Earth Sciences Report 1979-01

ESR 1979-01

Hydrogeology of the Sand River Area, Alberta

Author(s) Ozoray, G.F. Wallick, E.I. Lytviak, A.T. Date 1980-01-01

The hydrogeology of the aquifers in the uppermost 1,000 feet (about 300 m) of the Sand River area is described. Maps and profiles were constructed from existing data and from data collected by a field survey and drilling and testing operations. The 20 year safe yields range from 1 igpm (about 5 l/min) to more than 100 igpm (about 450 l/min). The best aquifers are Quaternary sands and gravels and Upper Cretaceous Wapiti sandstones.

Water quality is typically calcium-magnesium bicarbonate type with local occurrence of calcium-sulfate, sodium-sulfate, and sodium-bicarbonate type water. Total dissolved solids average 1,000 +/- 600 ppm. High iron and nitrate concentrations are the main water quality problems in the area.

Ozoray, G.F., Wallick, E.I. and Lytviak, A.T. (1980): Hydrogeology of the Sand River area, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1979-01, 14 p.