Earth Sciences Report 2002-07

Earth Sciences Report 2002-07

ESR 2002-07

Petrographic Characteristics of Selected Kimberlitic Rocks in Northern Alberta

Author(s) Eccles, D.R. Date 2004-02-01

This report investigates the petrogenesis of kimberlite in Alberta. Five kimberlite pipes in the northern Alberta kimberlite province were selected for detailed petrography: K4 and K6 from the Buffalo Head Hills and Legend, Phoenix and Kendu from the Birch Mountains.

The main objective is to complement and expand upon the whole-rock geochemistry with optical mineralogical observations of selected pipes. A petrographic-geochemical comparison shows identification of the primary mineral assemblage, together with whole-rock geochemical interpretation, that uses both major and trace elements. This provides a complementary tool to classify Alberta kimberlitic rocks.

Eccles, D.R. (2004): Petrographic characteristics of selected kimberlitic rocks in northern Alberta; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Earth Sciences Report 2002-07, 71 p.