Earth Sciences Report 2007-07

Earth Sciences Report 2007-07

ESR 2007-07

Regional Cross-Sections and Correlation of Subsurface Formations in the Clear Hills - Smoky River Region

Author(s) Chen, D. Olson, R.A. Date 2007-06-01

The Clear Hills-Smoky River region is well known not only for the prolific oil and gas production, but also for iron deposits in the Bad Heart Formation, which have attracted considerable exploration interest, particularly since 2004. However, well log cross-sections showing the complete Phanerozoic are rare and the Upper Cretaceous stratigraphic studies are rare due to severe erosion of the Upper Cretaceous along the Peace River valley and scatter of shallow geophysical logs in the region. This study constructed nine digital log databases, generated four regional cross-sections and two local cross-sections showing the complete Phanerozoic successions and details of the Upper Cretaceous formations. Forty-seven stratigraphic horizons were identified and correlated along the cross-sections. Based on the new cross-sections, DEM and oil and gas production data, this report evaluated regional structures/faults, their impact on depositional processes and hydrocarbon accumulation.

Chen, D. and Olson, R.A. (2007): Regional cross-sections and correlation of subsurface formations in the Clear Hills-Smoky River region, northwestern Alberta; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Earth Sciences Report 2007-07, 65 p.