Geo-Note 2002-18

Geo-Note 2002-18

GEO 2002-18

Satellite Imagery Catalogue

Author(s) Grunsky, E. Date 2002-07-01

This report details the availability and use of satellite imagery by Alberta Geological Survey (AGS). RADARSAT-1, IRS-1C and LANDSAT Thematic Mapper 4, 5 and 7-satellite imagery have been made available to AGS from the Resource Data Division of the Alberta Department of Sustainable Development.

RADARSAT-1 coverage has been acquired by Alberta Geological Survey for all of northern Alberta (north of 55 degrees north latitude) for standard beam modes S1 and S7 in both ascending and descending look directions. This imagery is available at a nominal resolution of 12.5 m. ScanSAR (50 m resolution) RADARSAT-1 imagery is available for all of Alberta. Two hundred and ten out of 284 scenes have been orthorectified to date (January 2002). Orthorectification of the remaining 74 scenes should be completed by March 2003. RADARSAT-1 fine beam or standard beam imagery can be obtained from Radarsat international Inc.

Grunsky, E.C. (2002): Satellite imagery catalogue; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Geo-Note 2002-18, 28 p.