Geo-Note 2002-23

Geo-Note 2002-23

GEO 2002-23

2002 Compilation of Alberta Ultramafic Rock Occurrences: Location, Ground Geophysics, Drillhole Logs and Diamond Content

Author(s) Eccles, D.R. Creighton, S. Date 2003-06-01

The objective of this report was to compile selected assessment file report information from ultramafic rock occurrences in Alberta into a single, usable document for government, industry and the public.

Eccles, D.R. and Creighton, S. (2003): 2002 compilation of Alberta ultramafic rock occurrences: location, ground geophysics, drillhole logs and diamond content; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Geo-Note 2002-23.