Information Series 002

Information Series 002

INF 002

Alberta Motor Gasoline Surveys: 1939 to 1947

Author(s) Charlesworth, J.S. Tipman, E. Date 1947-01-01

The Gasoline and Oil Testing Laboratory of the Research Council of Alberta was established in 1939 by the provincial government department of Trade and Industry, for the government testing of petroleum products produced or sold within Alberta. In 1943, the laboratory was taken over by the Research Council of Alberta and the work integrated with other Council activities.

The initial work of the laboratory involved a survey of the different kinds of gasoline marketed in the province with a view to adopting a standard specification for all gasoline sold in Alberta.

Charlesworth, J.S. and Tipman, E. (1947): Alberta motor gasoline surveys: 1939 to 1947; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Information Series 2, 12 p.