Information Series 003

Information Series 003

INF 003

Preliminary Report on the Ceramic Importance of Clay and Shale Deposits of Alberta

Author(s) Crockford, M.B.B. Date 1947-11-01

This summary report was written in order to supply certain information, which may be of value to those interested in the development of Alberta's clay resources. Topics relative to the utilization of clay deposits are discussed and include: definition of clay and shale, mode of occurrence, classification of clays and shales, properties of clays to be considered in ceramics, and the kinds of clays used in ceramics. Alberta's clay manufacturing industry is dealt with under headings: list of manufacturers of clay products, and list of known workable deposits. Some notes on the non-ceramic clay materials, bentonite, and fuller's earth, are included.

Crockford, M.B.B. (1947): Preliminary report on the ceramic importance of clay and shale deposits of Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Information Series 3, 22 p.