Information Series 006

Information Series 006

INF 006

Occurrences of Common Salt in Alberta

Author(s) Crockford, M.B.B. Date 1949-11-01

In recent years the drilling of holes in the search for oil and gas accumulations has shown that deposits of rock salt have a wide extent in East Central Alberta. The discovery of these deposits has resulted in the construction of plants for the recovery of salt in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since the immense quantities of salt available make possible the establishment of chemical industries making use of this commodity, the information contained herein may be of interest.

In assembling this report the publications by L.H. Cole, Bureau of Mines, Ottawa, and Dr. J. A. Allan, Department of Geology, University of Alberta have been freely consulted, and the writer expresses his indebtedness to these investigators. The writer also wishes to acknowledge the kindness of officials of the following organizations for supplying data which has added to the completeness of this report; Alberta Salt Co., Ltd.; Imperial Oil Co., Ltd.; Canadian Gulf Oil Co., Ltd.; Socony Vacuum Oil Co., Ltd.; British American Oil Co., Ltd.; Anglo-Canadian Oil Co., Ltd.; British Dominion Oil and Development Corp.; Bear Oil Co., Ltd.; and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board.

Crockford, M.B.B. (1949): Occurrences of common salt in Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Information Series 6, 20 p.