Information Series 018

Information Series 018

INF 018

Preliminary Report of Geological Field Work, Northeastern Alberta; June 30 - Aug. 27, 1953

Author(s) Collins, G.A. Swan, A.G. Date 1954-03-01

A geological field party of the Research Council of Alberta conducted a preliminary survey north and east of Chipewyan, Alberta, making detailed studies of selected areas that had been staked during recent prospecting activities. Transportation in the area is by aircraft on floats or by small boats along the shore of Lake Athabasca. All traverses were on foot, and pace and compass mapping was carried out. The north shore of Lake Athabasca had been previously mapped by Alcock (1) and Cameron and Hicks (2) and the following geological section is the result of those surveys.

Collins, G.A. and Swan, A.G. (1954): Preliminary report of geological field work, northeastern Alberta; June 30 - Aug. 27, 1953; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Information Series 18, 10 p.