Information Series 040

Information Series 040

INF 040

The Reduction of Clear Hills Iron Ore by the R-N Process

Author(s) Samis, C.S. Gregory, J. Date 1962-01-01

The development of an iron and steel industry is of prime consideration in the industrial growth of any nation or area. This statement is no less true for Alberta, and as a consequence the Research Council of Alberta has throughout its entire history have been actively interested in the development of this vital basic industry. Indeed, Dr. J.A. Allan established the Research Council as a consequence of geological investigations on iron ore deposits in Alberta during the First World War. The interest and activity of the Research Council in this field has been particularly marked in recent years culminating in its participation in the semi commercial demonstration plant tests on the reduction of Peace River iron ore by the R-N testing process at Birmingham, Alabama.

Samis, C.S. and Gregory, J. (1962): The reduction of Clear Hills iron ore by the R-N process; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Information Series 40, 34 p.