Information Series 060

Information Series 060

INF 060

Proceedings: First Geological Conference on Western Canadian Coal

Author(s) Mellon, G.B. Kramers, J.W. Seagel, E.J. Date 1972-09-01

Western Canada is estimated to contain some 118 billion tons of coal from lignitic to anthracitic. The coals, ranging in age from Jurassic to Tertiary, are widely distributed across this region and occur under widely diverse conditions. These coal deposits are reviewed to include such features as their distribution by age, rank and quality, some depositional and structural characteristics, and estimates of reserves by various categories. The review is confined to what are considered to be high potential resource areas. Also included is a summary of information pertaining to the more significant coal occurrences in northern Canada.

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Mellon, G.B., Kramers, J.W. and Seagel, E.J. (1972): Proceedings: First geological conference on western Canadian coal; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Information Series 60, 206 p.