Information Series 101

Information Series 101

INF 101

Alberta Plains Coal Regions: Potential Feedstock for Coal Conversion by Liquefaction and Pyrolysis

Author(s) Campbell, J.D. du Plessis, M.P. Date 1983-01-01

Coal, believed to be suitable as feedstock for on-site conversion plants, is found in many very large deposits in the Alberta Plains; some of these deposits are difficult of access, others are already dedicated to thermoelectric power production, but many remain uncommitted. The Alberta Research Council presents the following report - an update and expansion of previous issues - as a guide to those coal deposits that are both suitable and available for conversion process.

Campbell, J.D. and du Plessis, M.P. (1983): Alberta Plains coal regions: potential feedback for coal conversion by liquefaction and pyrolysis; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Information Series 101, 25 p.