Information Series 139

Information Series 139

INF 139

Frank Slide and Turtle Mountain Early Warning System Technical Tour Guidebook (NTS 82G)

This document is a technical field guide for anyone visiting Turtle Mountain. It summarizes the various Turtle Mountain studies and the emergency response protocol. The summary provides an overview of the geology and failure mechanism of Turtle Mountain, including the characteristics of the hinge area, joints sets and rock mass condition. Also contained in this part, there are the interpreted potential rockslide scenarios along with calculated volumes.

The emergency response protocol section presents the structure required to provide an adequate warning and response for a rockslide, including a brief description of the data recording, data transfer, data review and warning communication methods.

Moreno, F., Jaboyedoff, M., Pedrazzini, A., Charriere, M. and Humair, F. (2011): Frank Slide and Turtle Mountain early warning system technical tour guidebook (NTS 82G); Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Information Series 139, 19 p.