Map 024

Map 024

MAP 024

Bedrock Geology of Northern Alberta

Author(s) Green, R. Mellon, G.B. Carrigy, M.A. Date 2010-11-17

This map shows and describes the bedrock geology of northern Alberta. Ages range from the PreCambrian to Cretaceous, and all units are described in the legend. Two diagrammatic cross sections, one from northeast to southeast the other from southwest to southeast, respectively show the show the interrelationships of Devonian and Cretaceous rock units. Extensive marginal notes describe the physiography, PreCambrian, Devonian, Cretaceous, surficial deposits, outcrops, geological boundaries and drift of the mapped area. Outcrops, springs and sinkhole locations are also depicted on the map.

Green, R., Mellon, G.B. and Carrigy, M.A. (1970): Bedrock geology of northern Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Map 24