Map 032

Map 032

MAP 032

Uppermost Cretaceous and Tertiary Strata of Central and Southern Alberta

Author(s) Carrigy, M.A. Date 1971-01-01

This map shows and describes the Cretaceous and Tertiary geology of central and southern Alberta. The mapped formations are, from youngest to oldest: St. Mary River, Edmonton, Eastend, Willow Creek, Paskapoo, Ravenscrag, Porcupine Hills, Cypress Hills and Handhills.

This map accompanies Research Council of Alberta Bulletin 27, and shows the locations of six cross-sections that are included the report.

Carrigy, M.A. (1968): Uppermost Cretaceous and Tertiary strata of central and southern Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Map 32