Open File Report 1942-01

Open File Report 1942-01

OFR 1942-01

Camrose Water Supply

Author(s) Allan, J.A. Date 1942-01-01

The water supply for the town of Camrose is supplied by the Calgary Power Company and is obtained from a reservoir constructed in Camrose creek and from two wells within the town. The water for the reservoir is obtained from the watershed of the creek. There has been no surface runoff into the reservoir for several months on account of dry climatic conditions, and the loss by evaporation is high. In the first 24 days in May 1942, 115,800 gallons per day were lost by evaporation alone within the reservoir. The average daily consumption in the town of Camrose, including the militia camp, in April 1942, was 102,000 gallons, of which approximately 82,000 gallons were obtained from the reservoir and the balance of approximately 20,000 gallons came from the wells #3 and #11.

Allan, J.A. (1942): Camrose water supply; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1942-01, 33 p.