Open File Report 1958-01

Open File Report 1958-01

OFR 1958-01

Some Observations on the Groundwater Geology in the Lloydminster Area

Author(s) LeBreton, E.G. Date 1958-12-01

The purpose of the survey had a very limited and immediate objective. This was to locate or determine the prospects of finding a suitable and large supply of water within a reasonable distance of the City of Lloydminster.

The aids used in looking into this problem were aerial photographs, geological reports, geological maps, lithologic logs from drillers and electric logs supplied by the oil companies. This was followed by geophysical prospecting consisting of seismic and resistivity profiles to gain information about the bedrock topography and the location of buried sand and gravel. Later, on the basis of the information collected three test holes, were drilled.

In addition, a survey was made of many farm wells. The chief value of this lay in collecting data on the depth of the well, the depth to the water level and whether it was considered to be a poor, good or excellent domestic and/or stock well. Also, samples of water were taken to supply information on the chemical characteristics.

At present most of the population of 5,800 is on the city's water supply system, but none of the city's major industries use it. The water supply from three pumping wells is barely adequate to supply the system. The growing demand for water and the likely future growth of Lloydminster show increased supplies are necessary to allow for expansion of the city's amenities.

LeBreton, E.G. (1958): Some observations on the groundwater geology in the Lloydminster area; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1958-01, 30 p.