Open File Report 1959-01

Open File Report 1959-01

OFR 1959-01

A Large Industrial Water Supply for the City of Medicine Hat 12-5-W4

Author(s) Meyboom, P. Date 1959-01-01

This report deals with the results of the search for a large industrial water supply was carried out by the Research Council of Alberta, upon request of the City of Medicine Hat.

Based upon previous investigations, advice was given to test the groundwater occurrences of Police Point, a meander terrace of the South Saskatchewan River, located approximately 1/2 mile east of Medicine Hat. This terrace was expected to consist of fairly coarse gravel, which (if extending below river level) might be saturated with water.

Test drilling confirmed this opinion, and a pump test was conducted to determine the potential groundwater supply from this aquifer.

The results proved to be satisfactory and an adequate industrial supply can be developed.

Meyboom, P. (1959): A large industrial water supply for the City of Medicine Hat 12-5-W4; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1959-01, 20 p.