Open File Report 1959-04

Open File Report 1959-04

OFR 1959-04

Stettler Report

Author(s) Meneley, W.A. Date 1959-01-01

A study of the groundwater resources of the Stettler area was undertaken by the Research Council of Alberta in 1957, after the town of Stettler requested assistance to determine whether large quantities of groundwater could be obtained in the vicinity of Stettler. This report deals with the groundwater geology and hydrology in the vicinity of Stettler; it will be included in a more comprehensive report of the entire Stettler area to be published later this year. This report is not intended for public distribution although the information and conclusions contained herein are available to anyone upon request.

Meneley, W.A. (1959): Stettler report; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1959-04, 41 p.