Open File Report 1960-01

Open File Report 1960-01

OFR 1960-01

The Groundwater Potential of Alluvial Terraces, Along the Wapiti River, South of Grande Prairie, Alberta

Author(s) Jones, J.F. Date 1960-10-01

This report deals, in part, with information obtained from groundwater investigations carried out by the Research Council of Alberta during the summer of 1960. This was a general study to evaluate:

1.The groundwater potential of possible alluvial terrace aquifers along the major drainage ways in the Peace River district.

2.The relationship between river flow and groundwater recharge or discharge of alluvial terraces. For this purpose, observation wells were established.

3.Hydrologic methods and best method of approach in solving for aquifer coefficients in unconfined aquifers adjacent to perennial streams.

4.The drilling techniques and well completion practices in sand and gravel alluvial terraces.

The information is from the Research Council of Alberta Test Site #1, Wapiti River, Grovedale Bridge, south of Grande Prairie, Alberta. It is hoped this data will aid in evaluating the groundwater potential in this area.

Jones, J.F. (1960): The groundwater potential of alluvial terraces, along the Wapiti River, south of Grande Prairie, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1960-01, 24 p.