Open File Report 1961-01

Open File Report 1961-01

OFR 1961-01

Groundwater Exploration Program - Hanna 5-13-(14-15)-W4

Author(s) Kunkle, G.R. Date 1961-01-01

Commencing August 8, 1961, the Town of Hanna drilled 14 test holes mostly along an east-west line due west of the town site. The purpose of the exploration program was to ascertain whether or not a buried bedrock channel, the Hanna Channel, contains any sand and gravel suitable of producing about 100 gallons per minute for a duration of about 20 years. The Hanna Channel provides the only possibility for obtaining the yield necessary for the town from groundwater sources. Elsewhere, a low permeability silty till overlies a sandy shale. Local sandstone lenses may be expected to produce up to 30 gallons per minute, but for unknown durations.

Kunkle, G.R. (1961): Groundwater exploration program - Hanna 5-13-(14-15)-W4; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1961-01, 45 p.