Open File Report 1961-04

Open File Report 1961-04

OFR 1961-04

Potential Groundwater Resources in the Vicinity of Battle River Near Wetaskiwin 1-45-23-W4

Author(s) Meneley, W.A. Date 1961-01-01

The City of Wetaskiwin is entirely dependent upon groundwater for its municipal water supply, and the continually increasing demand for water renders it imperative that a new source of supply be developed in the near future.Intensive groundwater exploration has been carried out by Calgary Power Ltd. (who own and operate the water system) and the Research Council of Alberta to determine the feasibility of developing other aquifers as near to Wetaskiwin as possible. This report summarizes the results of exploration carried out since 1957 and provides an estimate of the probable yield of the most prolific aquifer found in the area south and east of Wetaskiwin.

Meneley, W.A. (1961): Potential groundwater resources in the vicinity of Battle River near Wetaskiwin 1-45-23-W4; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1961-04, 29 p.