Open File Report 1962-01

Open File Report 1962-01

OFR 1962-01

Vulcan Well Evaluation Summary

Author(s) Gabert, G.M. Date 1962-05-01

Constant-rate and step-drawdown tests were conducted on 5 wells at Vulcan, Alberta, between May 8 to May 13, inclusive, to evaluate the potential, long range production capacity of the wells.

A step-drawdown test was conducted on each well to establish its efficiency at various pumping rates and evaluate the well design.

A constant-rate test was performed on well #3 to calculate the aquifer coefficients, which are necessary to estimate future pumping levels for extended periods of continuous pumping.

Gabert, G.M. (1962): Vulcan well evaluation summary; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1962-01, 27 p.