Open File Report 1965-05

Open File Report 1965-05

OFR 1965-05

Kananaskis Gypsum Deposit

Author(s) Halferdahl, L.B. Date 1965-08-01

The gypsum deposit is in the Bow River Forest of the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve on the eastern slope of Mt. Invincible at an elevation of about 6900 feet, about 2 1/2 miles on an azimuth of 245 degrees from the outlet of Pocaterra Dam on Lower Kananaskis Lake.

It may be reached partly by road from Calgary, by travelling 43 miles west on the Trans Canada Highway to Fort Chiniquay and then 35 miles south on the Kananaskis Forestry road to the Pocaterra Dam. One of two routes may then be taken. The first is about eight-tenths of a mile by boat to the west side of Lower Kananaskis Lake to the north end of a fan at the mouth of a small creek about eight-tenths of a mile south of the mouth of Smith-Darrien Creek and then westerly about 2 miles on a game trail along the north side of the creek and its tributaries. The second route crosses Pocaterra Dam and continues westerly about two miles on the Smith-Darrien road; crosses Smith-Darrien Creek and then about 1 1/2 miles south to the deposit. The writer is not aware of any trails to the deposit after leaving the Smith-Darrien road. Should the deposit ever be developed, the second route is most likely to provide easiest access.

Gypsum from this deposit would have to be trucked more than 35 miles by forestry road to the Trans Canada Highway or the mainline line of the C.P.R. at a point 43 miles west of Calgary. From Pocaterra Dam to Fort Chiniquay the Kananaskis Forestry Road crosses 4 to 5 bridges whose present weight limits are 12 tons each.

Halferdahl, L.B. (1965): Kananaskis gypsum deposit; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1965-05, 3 p.