Open File Report 1966-09

Open File Report 1966-09

OFR 1966-09

Geological Report River Bank Stability Study, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Author(s) Roed, M.A. Date 1966-06-01

This report summarizes the results of a surface and subsurface geologic investigation of the northern part of the campus of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. The work was financed by the Department of Public Works, Province of Alberta. The Department of Civil Engineering, University of Alberta, administered the work, which was part of the River Bank Stability Study.

The area of most detailed study is located in the city of Edmonton, and bounded on the south by 87 Avenue, on the east by 112 Street, on the west by 116 Street and on the north by the North Saskatchewan River. The geology of areas adjacent to the campus was investigated in less detail.

The purpose of this study is to define the geologic setting of the area and to delineate the geologic factors, which affect the construction and stability of engineering structures. Specifically, attention is directed to the geologic factors that contribute to the stability of the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River.

Roed, M.A. (1966): Geological report river bank stability study, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1966-09, 53 p.